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I am sooo in love with all the rose series products especially misty rose geranium mist. The smell is so so good that I look forward to spraying my face with it anytime of the day. It is refreshing and makes your skin and you feel good!
I have oily/ combination skin. Now my skin stays oil free for a way longer period of time. And my skin feels less oily when I wake up in the morning.
Thank you for creating and sharing your products with us. – Nazriyah

I really like the quality of all three rose product. It leaves my skin mosturised, radiant and supple. But my favourite of all has to be La Vie En Rose. First time using it on my face, I was truly in awe at how creamy and luxurious it felt. It smells really good and calming, it made me feel so pampered and refreshed. It also leaves my skin very supple, moisturised and rose-smelling – it’s so heavenly,definitely a 👍🏻using the MRG and QFR also leaves my skin softer and smoother than usual. Love it! – Nur

Rose Series

Ooh My Hair Tonic Spray works wonders. Even after the rinse using this makes my scalp feel refreshed! my hair gets stronger with every use. the only downside is the depletion. i must say since its a great product there should be a bigger volume for this 🙂 – Lee Sirin

Be it the Misty Rose, Queen Frankie and the Ooh My Hair Tonic Spray, it’s just too awesome and I AM FALLING IN LOVE WITH IT.
The Ooh My Hair Tonic Spray works!!! MayaAllah, I realise my hair fall is lesser and my hair is thicker each day. Half bottle gone. I am so truly happy with the outcome.
Thank you so much! You are my saviour and please don’t stop doing whatever you are doing now. I will come back for more very soon! – Ndaot

Oh My Hair

My breakouts significantly reduced after using it for a few days and those red bumpy pimples shrank as well! It’s a plus point that it smells good as well 🙂 Looking forward to trying this with QFR to combat my oily skin! – Nurul Ain

i’m in love ‘whiff’ ur Calm My Skin. Whenever i have bad skin days or sudden breakouts i will reach out for the CMS potion knowing it will help my zits go away for sure. some zits are very stubborn and will take time to heal but it sure works! Thank you for inventing this magic potion. The best part is the ingredients are all organic and safe unlike those in the stores with too much chemicals in it. I like! i was looking for a natural based pimple lotion like this for a very long time.. – Farisha

Calm My Skin