The Power Of Lavender


Properties: antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and antidepressant properties.

Aroma: Sweet, floral, calming, relaxing soothing fragrance. balancing physically and emotionally.

Skin benefit:
Highly regarded for the skin. Moisturise and enhance skin radiance.

Helps treat acne – he oil has anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties that can fight the bacteria that cause acne and inflammation.
Aids in treatment of Eczema – ability to relieve itching and reduce the symptoms of eczema. It also decongests the irritated areas on the skin by adding moisture, thereby accelerating the healing process.

Detoxify the skin – contains powerful antioxidants that can fight against the harmful effects of pollutants on the skin.
Heals burns – antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties is beneficial in healing the burns, and also helps treat the scars caused by them (or scars caused by injuries. Help heal insect bites – is beneficial in healing the burns, and also helps treat the scars caused by them (or scars caused by injuries.

Treat tired muscles – excellent for treating tired muscles, especially that of the feet and head
Used as a toner – tones and firms skin as it improves circulation resulting in adequate supply of nutrition and oxygen to skin cells, boosting the renewal process and keeping cells healthy. Refresh your skin.

Hair benefit:

Controls hair loss & improve hair growth by improving circulation as Lavender is known to help with insomnia, stress, anxiety and depression (common causes of hair loss). Recommended as a preventative measure for male pattern baldness.
Treats Alopecia Areata.
Treats Dandruff and help eliminate flaky scalp, dry itchy scalp.

Can be used as a good conditioner.

Health Benefit:

Helps treat insomnia – traditional medicine in promoting sound sleep. In folklore, people often filled their pillows with lavender flowers to sleep peacefully. Soothes the nervous system and induces sleep and relaxation – Its scent induces alpha waves in the area of the brain that is responsible for relaxation, thus making you fall asleep faster.

Helps In The Treatment Of Anxiety And Depression – effective in curing anxiety and depression through its calming, sedative, and anti-convulsive effects. It is often used in herbal remedies for promoting relaxation and treating restlessness.

Cures Headaches – effective in providing relief from migraine headaches and preventing the onset of a new headache. Massaging your temples, neck and forehead with lavender oil relieves neck and head tension, and promotes relaxation. This cures a variety of headaches like migraines, general headaches, gastric headaches, nervous headaches, sinus headaches and tension headaches.

Heal Wounds – powerful antiseptic properties. Topical application of this oil to wounds, cuts, and scrapes increases cell growth, thereby facilitating quick healing of wounds (30). Its antimicrobial properties protect the wounds from infection.

Relieves Nausea – effective in alleviating the symptoms of nausea or motion sickness
Reduce Bloating – contains polyphenols that help in reducing the ‘bad’ bacteria in your blood, thereby helping you to get rid of bloating

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