Rosey Clay Mask Featured on Refinery29

We are truly blessed & honoured to have one of our favourites and best selling products, none other than our lovely Rosey Clay Mask, to be featured in Refinery29’s article “11 Products Singaporean Girls Can’t Live Without“.

Makeup, skin care, or really any form of pampering, is barely mentioned in Kevin Kwan’s original novel, and when it is, it’s usually to belittle some glamorous billionaire or to suggest that going to a 5-star spa is the best way to unwind after a long day of ruining your son’s love life. Since CRA barely scratches the surface of what it’s like to live in Singapore (that is, unless you’re a billionaire with a giant estate and round-the-clock air conditioning), we reached out to four Singaporean influencers to find out the beauty products they simply cannot live without, ahead.

“For me, a good clay mask is one that won’t dry my skin out. WhiffLove is a local brand that creates products made from natural ingredients. This one, the Rosey Clay Mask, is the perfect indulgence for a working mum like me!”

If you have not tried it, or heard about it, the Rosey Clay Mask is a creamy, rich face mask enriched with honey, aloe vera, kakadu plum extract, white kaolin clay and essential oils of rose, geranium and lavender. It gently cleanses the pores effectively, drawing toxins from the skin leaving it smooth, bright and fresh.

Why it is a MUST HAVE for your skin? Well, rose is gentle and calming to the skin and senses. It is great for nurturing stressed and tired skin back to health. Experience the power of botanical extracts with Rose, Geranium and Lavender. Treat your skin to our ultra feminine, anti-aging mask specially formulated for delicate skin with a romantic aroma of rose. 

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You may read the feature here @ refinery29


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