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Grow it! Treat it! Love it!

Great for hair loss, oily, itchy scalp!

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Be patient and believe in your hair. Come on, hair! 

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1 x Ooh My Hair! Tonic


Worried and anxious about losing hair? Fret not! Our hair tonic is here to help!

Infused with rosemary to stimulate hair follicles, cedarwood to increase circulation to scalp and lavender to tackle stress induced hair loss. The combination of the trio are superb for healthy hair growth!

Use twice a day on clean scalp consistently. Best used after shampooing hair and when scalp is dry. Spray onto affected area. Massage tonic into scalp and gently tap on scalp for easy absorption and to stimulate blood circulation.

P.S Consistency and patience is key! You will need to use hair tonic consistently to see significant improvements. Customers love it & keep coming back for more!

Be patient and believe in your hair. Come on, hair! 

ALL NATURAL Scalp Tonic | Grow Hair, Grow! | 50ml/1.7oz

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1 x Ooh My Hair! Rinse


Treat your scalp and hair with our concentrated apple cider vinegar (ACV) infused with essential oils! Look forward to a healthier scalp, bouncy hair & ultimately, hair growth! Woop!

P.S Also great for itchy/flaky scalp!

Shake bottle & simply combine 15 mls of Ooh My Hair! rinse and at least 30mls of water in a glass bowl. If you wish for more volume to rinse, then you can go up to 240mls of water. Just remember, dry hair likes less ACV & oily hair likes more! Please adjust your concentration accordingly. Use 2 times a week.

After shampooing, rinse hair with mixture starting from the top. Massage and tap gently onto scalp. Distribute and massage evenly till hair ends. You can either leave it on or have a little water rinse.

Move aside conditioner, this is good enough!      

ALL NATURAL Hair Rinse | Grow Hair, Grow! | 250ml/8.5oz            



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