Natural Aromatic Skincare made WhiffLove

Our commitment is to provide you with natural aromatic bath & beauty care infused with amazing botanical extracts. Tingling with happiness for I know that only good things go into these bottles & jars.

Now, do you know that our skin is our largest organ?

Thus it is extremely crucial to take good care of it & avoid as many chemicals as possible. Our bodies absorb whatever that’s slapped, slathered & smeared onto its skin. The majority of skin & body care products available in retail shops are full of it! The longer the ingredient lists, the more the muck sadly.

Say yes to natural and pure ingredients! No nasties – parabens, SLS, you name it. I feel safe knowing just that. Start nourishing in our Aromatic skin & beauty care for our largest organ – our SKIN!

WhiffLove is good for your skin, emotions and general overall wellbeing – which is very important to us. It’s all about the experience of using our all natural beauty care that actually works for you! And don’t forget to take a whiff of goodness! Experience a multitude of benefits & enjoy its multi-functionality.

Crafted by hand, made with love and fresh! From my hands to yours, may I pass these bottles & jars of goodness and love over to you. Indulge in handcrafted, aromatic bath and beauty treats. Ignite your senses today!

Love yourself, WhiffLove.

Behind The Brand

A pregnant mother juggling with her shadow; a curious & inquisitive toddler who would creatively shift around his mother’s crafts & things, trying his very best to help and ends up doing exactly everything but that! Thus process and progress tends to slow down but that is okay, because this team is 100% sincere, 200% effort & abundance of LOVE!

Aisha’s journey in concocting beauty care made from natural, simple ingredients from the kitchen such as sugar, honey & egg started way back in 2013. She tried various off the shelves products & treatments for acne & hair loss but was disappointed with each and every one of them. Armed with a naturally curious & determined mind, she embarked on a mission to search for natural & effective remedies. She has never looked back since. With each experiment churned great results and increased her believe and love for all things natural. Hop on Whifflove’s journey to experience what we are all about! 

Whifflove always, Aisha.